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In Today’s Business world, when your IT Infrastructure hits a roadblock, Business comes to a standstill. How do you steer clear of the barriers to ensure smooth, uninterrupted IT operations? The answer is clear: Leave it to expert navigators like TLC InfoTech , while you can focus on your core business competency. TLC InfoTech is an experienced IT Services organization that will pull out all the stops to ensure that your enterprise can have seamless access to your IT resources, 24x7.

  • Vision -
  • To be the 'Preferred partner' for our client, offering best-in-class business solutions and processes leveraging technology containing Integrated Software, Web, IT training, hardware and networking technologies and also to enhance our business model to operate at the Top of the industry. Be proactive in establishing a distinguished reputation within the market as a definitive source for software solutions.

  • About us -
  • TLC InfoTech is an organization with a unique combination of services to provide our customers a complete range of integrated and innovative products, quality services, and world-class Hardware and Software Solutions to IT Infrastructure. Relation with us provides a competitive edge to remain abreast with the technology.  Our teams are built with an ability to perfectly analyze the client requirement and provide the best solutions through Research, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance. 

  • Quality Policy -
  • We believes “Quality is not an accident but it is an effort of Continuous improvement and agility”. TLC InfoTech is committed to deliver high quality products & services to meet the expectations of every client. We adhere to global quality standards in technology, products and services.

  • Strengths -
    • Self motivated young computer professionals and business specialists.
    • Advanced and ultimate computer-based millennium technologies and solutions through affordable and agreeable means.
    • Specialization in creating turn-key solutions using a unique combination of resources and highly trained technical terms.
    • Designs and implements software and infrastructure solutions that operate securely and effectively over the Internet while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

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