Milk ERP


Dairy Industry in India is not well organized; we help them By introducing TLC Milk ERP try to give them optimum yield from their available resources in this industry. We look forward to working in the larger interests of milk producers, especially in Western part of Maharashtra.

The focus of Dairies on increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance with food regulations over the whole supply chain are hampered by a number of non integrated processes and system which is affecting the efficiency as well as overall growth of the organization. To overcome these road blocks there is a need to standardize all the scattered processes and information on a single platform.

  • Way We Work - 
  • Right from collection of milk from various farmers to the storage of milk and later processing of milk and its various products being produced at various stages, TLC Milk ERP provides the solution for dairy management looks at all the important processes that go into producing quality milk products for the customers.

    Thus to manage the supply chain, logistics, milk procurement, payments, cattle feed, veterinary and operation to cost controlling and to achieve optimum Capacity Utilization

  • Features – 
    • Complete solution for Milk industry. It covers every module from start to end.
    • Dedicated efforts towards milk industry segments. Strong domain knowledge.
    • Better Management – Have a complete look of the enterprise for better management.
    • Ease of Use – simplified screen for easy to use and understand.
    • No infrastructure investment – No purchase of server, database, software license.
    • Cost Effective – follows all the standard process and helps in improving efficiency.
    • Scalable – easy addition and deletion of process.
    • Speed – Get the maximum speed through net.
    • Secure – Firewalled fully secured datacenter.
    • All customized hundreds of reports across all modules.
    • Complete end-user training

  • Modules Integrated - 
    • Milk Collection
    • Transportation
    • Procurement
    • Can and Crate Management
  • Scheme management
  • SMS
  • Commission
  • Deduction
  • Production
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Inventory/Stores
  • Finance
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