Tally Migration


  • Why  Tally -
  • There are many accounting packages are available in the market, Tally remains the undisputed king of all financial accounting packages available in India. Tally is capable of handling any kind of transaction you would need, whatever your business. In order to use tally, you neither need to  learn new accounting methods nor should change your existing style of handling accounts. The information can be fed as well retrieved at random and all human errors can be corrected.

  • Why with TLC -

  • We are the authorized Tally partner.

    Migration to tally from any form

    • Excel
    • Any Databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, FoxBASE, DBase, Access, DB2.
    • Any ERP

    TLC specializes in providing a wide range of data conversion / migration software services to various clients.

    Data conversions and database migrations at TLC can be done on massive scale with quick turnaround using our custom software designed for large scale conversions.





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